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Happy Summer! We wanted to send an email to all our supporters to update you all on our status and future plans.

First off, we wanted to thank all of our supporters for helping us bring light to this critical issue of lack of access to transportation to healthy, affordable food. In the past year, thanks to all of you, we've been able to: Conduct a 10-week pilot with Meijer at their two Detroit locations Impact close to 300 lives through our service Support 2.5 FTE Impact over 50 students' personal and professional development Engage the community in creating a technology-enabled solution which allowed users to pay for discounted Lyft rides at the grocery store. Through our pilot with Meijer, were able to test 8 key hypotheses to see if this technology, market segmentation, and economic model could become a sustainable business which could improve long-term food access for Detroiters.

After analyzing pilot data, talking to a variety of stakeholders about our findings, and ongoing customer discovery, we have come to the conclusion that our current model is not economically viable. In the past few months, we've contemplated a series of pivots, but have come to the conclusion that these are also not economically viable.

There is a gap between how much the grocery store can afford to subsidize, and how much the customer can pay. And at this point, we have not found another payor or revenue stream to fill in that gap (which is about $5 per trip).

Our long term goal would be to get SNAP or Medicaid to contribute to the ride subsidization. However, it would take many years, and millions of dollars to show the correlation between increased access to healthy food, changed purchasing behaviors, and improved health outcomes. Since we do not have funding to run this extensive pilot, we have decided to put the breaks on Cart for the time being.

We are still passionate about continuing Cart's mission, and hope to continue our work of improving access to health-enabling activities within a larger company. If you know of any opportunities to continue this work, please reach out to us.

Additionally, if you'd like more details about our pilot findings or discoveries around our pivots, please let us know and we can send you the reports and documents for more details.

And again, thank YOU for all your support. We would never have been able to accomplish all we did without your help! We want to give a special shoutout and thank you to Techarb, Seamless, Meijer, University of Michigan's Center for Entrepreneurship, Ford's Go Detroit Challenge, Cart mentors, and all of the Cart volunteers and team members who have contributed to Cart's success.

Posted on Jul 24, 2017